Maa Ugratara

This temple is located in between Rameswar Chowk and Chandpur(Tangi Block) in NH 5 and 55 km from Bhubaneswar towards Balugaon and 35 km from Balugaon towards Bhabanewar. It is beautiful natured location for picnic and also for movie shooting. Maa Ugratara is the deity of entire Tangi block. Nearby, there is a village named Bhusandpur is the largest village among Odisha.This place is famous for fisherman’s ground,because Chilika lake is nearby to this village.

The icon of Mother Tara is Chaturbhuja, holding potent weapons in her hands. She is very popular as Ugratara due to her fierce aspect, but benevolent to the adorers.

Ugra Tara was the presiding and the protecting Goddess of the fort of Mulajhargarh, which was just in the border of Chilika lake. Even though in course of time this fort of Odisha has been lost to oblivion still then Goddess Ugra Tara, the deity of the fort, worshipped by Brahmin priests under Tara Mantra and offered with cooked vegetarian and non-vegetarian items, preserve Her glory and popularity and still continues as the presiding Goddess of coastal Odisha. Tara is synonymous with Omkar, the five
components of Omkar are - A, U, M, Nada and Bindoo.

The Mantra propitiating Tara has also five Bijas (seed words). Her companion is Aksobhya, Sri Sadasiva. The visionary of the Mantra is Aksobhya Rsi, the Mantra is metered in Brihati Chanda, its presiding deity is Sri Tara Devata, its Bija is Hum and Phat, the remaining alphabates are the Kilaka, the Viniyogah is linked to the achievements of four Purusarthas i.e Artha, Dharma, Kama and Mokhya. According to another Tantric procedure, Hrim is the Bija, Hrum is the Sakti and Strim is the Kilak.


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Wow! I had an amaing time while watching birds from our boat that we named "Amigo" (means friend in Spanish) I loved the tranquility and peace that the journet offered. This is an amazing place...
~Rachel Moot (New Zealand)

I am much impressed by story of transformation of change from Poachers to protection. Herein also lies the formula for successful sustainable conservation where local communities are involved. Here livelihoods coexist with conservation. I see all of this in practice at Mangalajodi...
~ Biren Bhuta (IUCN)

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